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CommanderEDGE 6ltr AFFF Foam

• Product Code: FS6E Corrosion-resistant finish Plastic base for protection 5-year warranty Polyethylene internal lining Full range of spare parts available

Double Tubular Extinguisher Stand Red

Supplied with brackets for mounting most extinguishers

Fire Alarm Call Point Sign Photoluminescent

Fire safety signage is extremely important in any building. It serves the purpose of clearly pointing out to occupants where the main fire exits and fire-fighting equipment can be located. Fire alarm call points must be clearly signposted so that users of the building are aware of where they can raise the alarm in the event of a fire. This fire alarm call point sign is visible in the dark for added peace of mind and is 150mm x 200mm in size.

Fire Log Book A4

A fire safety log book exists to document and prove compliance with legal requirements. It should be completed following inspections,