This is the perfect product if you need a smaller fire extinguisher, like a 1KG Fire Extinguisher.

These smaller 1kg fire extinguishers are perfect for your garage, cars, boats, or home. It comes with a 5-year warranty and if flexible, it can be used for multiple classes of fire.

A dry powder fire extinguisher 1kg like this, can be used to extinguish wood, petrol, paper, and a variety of other kinds of fire. This is the most commonly-used model due to its ability to handle b and c class fires at a great low price. Products with this 1kg fire extinguisher can be used for fire safety in many different locations, and the dry powder feature is just as effective at smothering a class a b fire as well as class c fires.

These products are popular with a customer who wants to prevent damage to equipment, cars, and parts of the home under circumstances where fire extinguishers might need to be used. This product is suitable for many different kinds of locations, and we guarantee that it will take care of your fire safety needs at a great price.

CommanderEDGE 1kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

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Dry powder is a multi-purpose extinguishing medium with excellent knock-down properties. A dry powder fire extinguisher is often called an ABC unit because it can tackle Class A, B and C fires. The low minimum operating temperature of a powder fire extinguisher makes it suitable for all-year-round external situations. The 1kg models come with transport brackets that have a stainless steel centre strap. They’re also Kitemarked and have CE-marked brass valve assemblies. Plus, its MED ‘Ship’s Wheel’ approval. It has a fire rating of 8A 34B C.

1 Litre AFF Foam – Commander Range

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• Corrosion-resistant finish • Polyethylene internal lining • Brass spray nozzle • Full range of spare parts available

How to Use Your 1kg Fire Extinguisher

Using a 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher is easy. You will not need to apply much pressure to the trigger to deploy it. The ease of use of this extinguisher is one of the key features that makes it a customer favourite. Any 1kg ABC powder fire extinguisher should be used with the PASS method.

To use any of our stock of fire extinguishers, you will pull the pin, aim at the fire, squeeze the trigger, and sweep back and forth. This model is made to match bs en3 standards and is red and noticeable when it is hung up. No one will miss that the product is present in the case of a fire.

Visibility is important with all safety products, and you will want to be sure that you do not tuck your safety devices away around a corner or where they are hard to reach. You will want to place these devices in the hallway, in the middle of a wall, or any other location that is easy to access in an emergency. Always make sure that they are not located too high up for shorter users to access them.

Other Kinds of Products You Might Need

For industrial locations, you might want to add a 1kg co2 fire extinguisher to your safety equipment as well as a 1kg afff fire extinguisher. These are well worth the price if you require foam agents to be deployed to handle a fire or if you want to avoid corrosive fire retardent materials from harming your electrical.

Fire blankets are a great added protection feature for your overall safety planning. Sometimes certain materials and liquids can create a situation that is hard to contain and moves fast. Adding a set of these blankets to your emergency gear will help with this